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3D Production for the ePub Programming Language

3D Children's Storybooks: eBook-based Interactive 3D, also known as i3D, can now be accessed via the open source ePub forrmat. In fact, ePub 3.0 format supports HTML5, allowing us to create a wide range of very impressive eBook Publishing Titles. One of the primary opportunities in new media capable eBook titles created with the ePub 2.01 or ePub 3.0 formats is Children's Storybooks, which tend to be heavy on visual elements, and can now include audio, 3D and video as well. Current Flash-based Storybooks are a hundred megabytes, our ePub documents are under 10 megabytes. Click on the image on the right to go to one of the websites for the 3D Educational Children's eBook that we created for Krillogy.com recently in under 1MB!

3D Music Album eBooks: ePub 3.0 format allows for both digital audio and digital video, opening up the possibility of the Music Album eBook, something that has not been pulled off as yet but which is immenently possible. Imagine a Music Fan User Experrience (UX) where written poetry, video interviews, music tracks and visual imagery can all be combined under a single cutting-edge i3D user interface. Projects like these are why 3D4EBOOK.com exists, and we are here to do the never before done in eBook ePub digital new media publishing.

Interactive 3D e-Cookbooks with Video and Audio: ePub 3.0 fomat allows HTML5 savvy new media assets such as digital video and audio to be used along with 3D graphics and i3D user intefaces to allow the creation of eCookbooks that will be much more effective than conventional paperback cookbooks can be.

3D e-Learning eBooks and i3D eBook-based Training: One of the most useful applications using eBook Content with the ePub format involves implementing training simulations using Interactive 3D technology. This might be called "eBook Edutainment" and is an up and coming eBook phenomena now well within the realm of e-possibility. This would be accomplished by leveraging the open source ePub format via CSS, XHTML, XML and HTML5 with MP3, MP4, Animated GIF, JPEG and PNG new media file formats.

i3D eBook User-Interface Design: ePub 2.0.1 and ePub 3.0 formats allow eBooks to have an interactive 3D user inteface (UI) that is seamless with the content that lives on the same page. This allows for never before done eBook designs which will take eReaders to the next level of User Experience in ePublishing.