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3D eBook Production for the ePub Programming Language

Sony Electronics: One of our i3D branding and e-Learning rich media campaigns which we produced via i3D technology was for Sony Electronics in 1999 and was designed around the international television display brand, Trinitron. Early in Sony's brand history the Trinitron Television brand made Sony a household brand name and the leading international corporate brand. We were brought in to create a Trinitron Advantage Interactive 3D Brand website, which was designed to demonstrate Sony patents and electron gun technology at a molecular level. The site as demonstrated how the Trinitron CRT product works technologically. The i3D simulation was coded fo the website in under 384 kilobytes of Total Data Footprint.

Samsung Electronics: After finishing Sony's Trinitron new media branding projects we were brought in by Samsung Electronics to create an e-Learning and Product Demonstration Digital Media Campaign for the world wide introduction of Samsung's first wide-screen hand-held PC, called: Nexio. We virtualized the product using only 868 "vertices" (data points in 3D space) and created an interactive product demo for the Nexio using software that was included on the shipping Nexio units (IE & PPT). We were able to make a 15-bit WVGA display appear as if it was 24-bit display quality, by using 3D technology and utilizing 48-bit color dithering techniques.

Tyco Electronics: A couple years ago we were brough in by one of the Tyco Electronics Divisions (EloTouch Systems) to produce an i3D touchscreen brandgame that demonstrates their HDTV EloTouch Touchscreen displays via real-time i3D technology. We virtualized an i3D brandgame using less than 384KB of data overhead (total filesize including code and media assets) while making it compatible with SmartPhone HVGA 480x320 screen resolutions. See the EBOOK section for information regarding this project.

Krillogy: For the current Krillionaire 3D eBook project, we created a 3D eBook for the Krillionaire Educational Storybook 3D eBook Series, as well as the 3D eBook website functions and program logic, using HTML5, aGIF, CSS3 LWebG, Java7, JavaFX 2.1, XML, JavaScript and Apache Tomcat. Development is currently on-going on the sequel to this first book which is called The Pod Squad and Krillology a vanguard social media engine project written in JavaFX, which features an animated i3D user interface and user experience.