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3D Production for eBooks and the ePub 3.0 Programming Language

Does ePub Format really support 3D!? Both ePub 2.0.1 and 3.0 can be used to create 3D if the Production Company knows the proper work prrocess. A good example of this is the ePublishi.com website which features 3D and i3D but which is coded to be ePub 2.0.1 compliant, using only Animated GIF, PNG32 and CSS2 with XHTML1. Since ePub is Open Source, and Free for Commercial Use, it is compatible with most of the new "Intenet 2.0" consumer electronics devices, such as SmartPhones (Google Android, Samsung Bada, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), Tablets (Android, Playbook), PCs, Laptops, NetBooks and iTVs (Samsung Smart TV, GoogleTV, JavaTV, MSTV, Apple TV).

Aren't ePub file sizes Huge, like Video or Flash file sizes are?! Actually, interactive 3D content, which is "Rendered" (processed and drawn in real-time) on the end-user's device (Mobile, Tablet, iTV, PC, Laptop, Netbook, PDA, iDVD, Home Media Center) is comprised primarily of text data, mostly data-points in 3D space and programming logic that makes these points come to life. Thanks to 3D Rendering Technology, new media presentations which are usually 60MB (Flash) to 2GB (Video) will be around 128KB to 1MB using i3D in HTML5 via WebGL. This represents a difference of up to 1000X times less data footprint in some instances, and makes content Fast!

Can the ePub format be used for Viral Digital Media Campaigns? Yes. In fact, viral ePub digital new media campaigns are now a reality as the entire media campaign content, new media assets, brand messaging and interactive entertainment is 100% ePub Native via open source HTML5, XML, CSS2 and XHTML. Clever, fun i3D ePub eBook Apps will be sent virally around the world via Interrnet 1.0 and Mobile Internet 2.0. Why? Because the ePub file format is a trusted, open source, universal format, and because an ePub digital media campaign filesize, properly produced by our artisans, will be under a megabyte, and thus easy to forward virally.

Is ePub Content Production Expensive? ePub Content Production, especially for complicated SmartPhone, Interactive Television and BrandGames, can range from the mid five-figures ($50,000) range to the low six figures for a major production. However, we are able to create affordable i3D content which is also 1000's of times smaller in data footprint (works across Internet 2.0 and Mobile) as well as Interactive, at a low five-figure price point. This makes our i3D content production services affordable for our international clients, which include major publishers, advertising agencies, international brands, product manufacturers, service organizations, government agencies, new business start-ups, venture capital firms, and even non-profit organizations.