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i3D Production for the HTML5 and WebGL Programming Languages

3D4EBOOK programmers are interested in ePub 2.0.1 and 3.0 publishing projects which require that the eBooks clearly stand apart from the competition, in both i3D User Interface Design (UI) as well as 3D User Experience Design.

We require the following information in order to formulate our ePub content production proposal:

Upon submission of the RFQ, we will put together a detailed quotation for ePub based 3D content production. If your corporation needs a quote for an eBook design that uses ePub format, please submit the information outlined above to info@3D4EBOOK.com and we'll assemble a detailed written project proposal as well as a series of i3D content production quotations that span any eBook development phases needed in the ePub application development process.