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3D eBook Production and Publishing via the ePub 3.0 and ePub 2.0.1 Programming Languages

i3D for eBook User Interfaces: The electronic publishing industry is starting to notice interactive 3D User Interface Designs using ePub 2.0.1, ePub 3.0 and HTML5. ePub format is open source amd is moving to support HTML5 in 2011. HTML5 is now available for use in the top four browsers (shown above) for producing cutting-edge rich media end-user experiences and thus these fou bowses will be able to render (support) ePub 3.0 document viewing. The significance of HTML5 savvy ePyb 3.0 eBooks is that electonic book publishers who have their books converted to ePub 3.0 format can use HTML5 and CSS3 to make their eBook user experiences fun, immersive, visual and interactive.

i3D eBook Content: Most of the popular eReaders support color screens, audio and HTML5 allowing i3D eBook application development. These include market share leaders Amazon Kindle and Banes and Noble Nook and software eReaders for Google Android, Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Sony Ericsson Xperia and Samsung Bada. What is really significant about coding your app in ePub and HTML5 is that your eBook can also automatically run on all of the other major hardware and software e-Reader platforms, and the Internet 2.0 consumer electronics devices that support them, such as: PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, iTV Sets, PDAs and Tablets.

eBook i3D Product Virtualization: Virtual Products contained in eBook ePub documents can be photo-realistic "virtualizations" using HTML5 and ePub eBook technology and can be delivered on the majority of consumer electronics devices, platforms, operating systems and browses out there via eBook Reader Software! Plus eBooks can be Viral! See the top of this website for some of the platforms that support ePub Rreaders as well as HTML5 and Multimedia. Imagine an interactive, fully functioning i3D version of your product in an eBook that explained the product's advantages and how to use it optiumally. Products like Cameras, Automobiles, SmartPhones, Tablets, Motorcycles, CD Players, Remote Controls, iTVs, Car Stereos, DVD Players, Home Appliances, Personal Computers, Printers, Peripherals, Power Tools and more can now be interactively demonstrated via eBooks to your potential customers in ways that allow the entire product feature set can be mastered by the end-user prior to the actual purchase! This also helps to reduce the "I' only use 10% of my product features" syndrome that is currently the norm for most popular consumer electronics products.

eBook E-Learning via HTML5 and ePub 3.0: ePub based Interactive 3D represents a cross-platform, cross-device, Internet 2.0 compliant method for delivering training via eBook eReaders on everything from Laptops to SmartPhones to NetBooks to Tablets to Interactive Television Sets to iDVDs. ePub 3.0 HTML5 and Audio content represents a fantastic e-Learning market opportunity to interactively visualize conceptually challenging concepts that can not easily be conveyed via imagery, diagram, or text description. ePub 3.0 and HTML5-based i3D is a great fit for a wide range of digital eBook training simulations, some examples being: end-user training, technical support demonstrations, product operational i3D simulations, or Edutainment.